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Meaning of Hvs Test


HVS means high vaginal Swab test. It is a technique used by Obstetrics and Gynecology to obtain a sample of discharge from the vagina .The collected sample will then be sent to the laboratory for microscopy, culture and sensitivity.

The test is commonly used to test for the presence of infections such as :

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  • Candidiasis infection.
  • bacterial vaginosis.
  • trichomonas Vaginitis.
  • chlamydia vaginitis.
  • viral vaginitis.
  • Atrophic vaginitis. Etc
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  How The Sample Is Being Collected

A swab stick that looks like cotton bud but longer than the cotton bud is used. The swab stick is inserted into the vagina and is whirled round gently to get enough fluid. When the swab is taken out of the vagina, the swab is covered with its cover and taken to the laboratory.

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The sample collection method maybe somehow embarrassing to some women. But in this case, privacy is required. The act is painless. But for virgins, there may be slight tingling ovulation-like pain but that’s bearable.

So, when next you are sent to a HVS test, know what is involved.