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How to get water out from the ear


     What To Do When Water Enters Your Ear

When water finds its way into your ear and get trapped, the feeling is always very uncomfortable. Sometimes, the pain extends to the jawbone. You may also experience difficulty in hearing or you will be hearing muffled sounds. If the trapped water is not removed, it can lead to ear infection. This kind of ear infection that occurs  in the external auditory canal of the outer ear is termed swimmer’s ear.

Water can get into the ear when you are swimming without ear cap or ear plug. It can also get in while you are taking your bath or any form of exposure to water.


Methods to remove water from your ear.

  • Tugging or shaking your earlobe.

You can tug your earlobe with that side of the ear that water entered facing downwar

You can also cover the affected ear with your index finger and jiggle it fast from left to right.

  •  Use gravitational force.

While lying down, allow the affected ear to be lying by the side.(ie facing downwards). The water may drain out slowly.

  •  Create a vacuum that will draw water out.
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You can tilt your head sideways, cover the ear with your palm so as to have an airtight. Push your to and fro in a speedy motion and pull out hand after some seconds. Tilt your ear downward to allow the water to drain.

  • Hot compress.

Damping a towel in a hot water(not scalding water), wring it out to avoid water from dripping .Apply the towel on the affected side for about 30 seconds .Repeat for about 4 more times and then tilt the affected ear downwards.

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  • Blow dryer.

A blow dryer set at the lowest setting can help in removing trapped water. Hold the affected ear some distance from the dryer, allow the warm air to blow into the ear amd at the same time, keep on tugging the ear lobe .

  • Make use of eardrops.

An eardrop that contains alcohol and vinegar can help prevent infection.  when equal combination alcohol and vinegar is applied into the affected ear, the mixture will be able to remove the trapped water if it was caused by earwax buildup. Gently rub the outside of the ear after dropping like 2 or 3 drops. Wait for 30 seconds and tilt the affected ear downwards. The trapped water should be able to drain out.

  • Make use of hydrogen peroxide eardrops.(H2O2).
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Hydrogen peroxide is very useful in clearing dirts, earwax ,trapped water from the ear. Drop about 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide into your ear and wait for about 3mins, then tilt the affected ear to allow the liquid to drain out.

  • Olive oil.

Warm the olive oil, put 2 drops into the affected ear and allow it for about 5-10 minutes. Tilt the ear downwards, the water should drain out.

  • Chew gum.

Chewing gum when water enters the ear helps in opening up the eustachian tubes to allow the water to drain out.

  • Perform Valsalva maneuver.

This method involves closing your mouth and nostrils with your hand , and then blow out air as if you want the air to get out through the ear. This method is very effective, But caution should be taken when blowing (it should be blown gently)to avoid damaging the ear drum.

  • Warm steam.
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Hot shower or inhaling of hot steam for about 5 – 10 mins can help in clearing the ear of trapped water. Make sure the face is covered with towel directly over the bowl of hot water while inhaling.

  • Use of drugs.

Some eardrops that contain alcohol, antihistamine, can help. These ear drops can kill bacteria, remove earwax and debris. And they can at the same time remove trapped water.