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Diarrhoea | Symptoms | Causes and Treatment


Diarrhoea | Symptoms | Causes and Treatment

My opinion, I think Diarrhoea is much more deadly, more embarrassing imagine on your wedding day, just in front of the aisle, and the next thing your stomach will start singing and beating a band, I don’t think its gonna end well.

A little story, while I was working at a pharmacy, one guy, very well dressed, a lawyer, looking dapper and sizzling (me, I was already drooling o) but this guy was sweating profusely (sweat like water, the guy was almost crying when he asked for antidiarrheal drugs that he had a case that morning and couldn’t go anywhere, ehhh, the end of the story (hahaha, amebo).

Diarrhoea is also one of the top leading causes of infant death as when one has Diarrhoea and visits the “white house” about 4 times a day, a lot of fluid, electrolyte and nutrients leaves the body and if it is not stopped or replenished, unconsciousness, and death is possible.

In scientific terms, Diarrhoea is a condition in which the sufferer has frequent and watery bowel movements. Frequent here can be seen as going to the white house more than thrice a day. The stool is watery and very stinky(yeah,very very stinky).

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Many things can cause Diarrhoea ranging from food poisoning, eating and drinking dirty food and water, bacteria or viral infection, food intolerance (milk, gluten, glucose), stress, anxiety (yeah anxiety, when exam results comes out for students, jeez, there is this sudden diarrhoea that comes with it, you can relate), overdose and misuse of laxatives (drugs for constipation) and could also be a symptom for an underlying disease example, irritable bowel syndrome.

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Symptoms of diarrhea can include bloating, thirst, and weight loss.
Diarrhea refers to watery stools, but it may be accompanied by other symptoms.

These include:

a. Stomach pain
b. Abdominal cramps
c. Bloating
d. Thirst
e. Weight loss
f. Fever
Diarrhea is a symptom of other conditions, some of which can be serious.

Other possible symptoms are:
1. Dehydration
2. Persistent vomiting
3. Blood or pus in the stools
If these accompany diarrhea, or if the diarrhea is chronic, it may indicate a more serious illness.

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I am a personal counselor in diarrhoea management as I almost always encounter it. First treatment is to go and offload the dump as soon as it comes upon you, please don’t hold it up as it can cause something worse.

Next, go to the nearest pharmacy and buy Antidiarrheal drugs. For me, I prefer Loperamide (infact, I advise you buy a card and keep in your bag, if you don’t use it, you can help out someone somewhere and somehow).

“Loperamide can be by starting with two doses (or one depending on the severity of the case) and then one after each visit to the white house until the Stool becomes normal again.

Also, as you take loperamide or any other Antidiarrheal, try to take oral rehydration salt. Its necessary to take this as you have lost a lot of fluids and electrolytes from the frequent visits to the “white house” .

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Please, if it is a child suffering the diarrhoea, it is necessary and important that they be given oral rehydration salt (ORS).

Finally, if Loperamide could not stop the diarrhoea, visit a doctor or pharmacy for examination and proper drug usage. Another medical advice, please do not use metronidazole (flagyl) or tetracycline indiscriminately in Diarrhoea management.

“These are antibiotics and only treat the infections caused by bacteria and if the Diarrhoea is not caused by bacteria (example bacteria caused by food intolerance) you would end up abusing the drug and causing more harm to yourself.